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It is extremely upsetting that Ann Summers’ Boss is no longer physically present. She has gone to be with God. Jacqueline Gold, according to the accounts, died at the age of 62. According to reports, Jacqueline Gold’s passing was announced ten weeks after the death of her father, David Gold. Since news of Jacqueline Gold’s passing spread online, people are searching for web articles to learn more about her family and spouse.

How many kids does Jacqueline Gold have, and who is her husband? While others are looking for information about her reason for death. Many people search online for articles about Jacquelin Gold to acquire more information. As a result, we conducted extensive research online and collected data from numerous reports. You can learn some crucial details about this news in the following parts.

Who is Jacqueline Gold’s spouse? Ann Summers author married.

Let’s start by discussing the cause of her death; according to reports, Ann Summers’ chief executive officer died after a losing fight with cancer. Certainly, cancer contributed to Jacqueline Gold’s passing. She bravely battled illness, but she was able to beat it. She committed suicide at age 62. According to reports, Ann Summers’s boss passed away surrounded by her family, including her daughter and spouse.

In 2016, Jacqueline Gold received a breast cancer diagnosis. Her current position was leading an MBE. Since then, Jacqueline Gold was getting treatment for her disease, but still, she managed to keep working. In reality, she was also named CEO of Ann Summers last year. Who is the spouse of Jacqueline Gold? Read about her spouse in the next paragraph.

Jacqueline Gold, the boss of Ann Summers, was married to Dan Cunningham, 17 years her junior. Dan Cunningham is 45 years old right now. They had been a couple since 2022. A 14-year-old girl by the name of Scarlett is their daughter. The father of Jacqueline Gold served as West Ham United’s co-chairman. On January 4, 2023, he passed away at 86. Last year, he named Jacqueline Gold, his daughter, as the CEO of Ann Summers and its four shops.

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