Watch the video of Michael Clarke’s girlfriend slapping him in a public park.

Watch the video of Michael Clarke’s girlfriend slapping him in a public park.

Michael Clarke might not be able to talk on the radio or TV. The next Test series between India and Australia because of what happened when he and his girlfriend, Jade, seen together in public. Michael Clarke’s girlfriend punched him in the park.

Michael Clark’s girlfriend, Jade Yarbrough, always hits him in the face. In a way, that shows how upset she is. She screams, “You f***ing keep lying to me!” and then says a bunch of other swear words. A viral video shows Michael Clarke’s girlfriend slapping him in public.

Watch Michael Clarke’s Girlfriend Hit Him In The Public Park.

Reports say that his current girlfriend, Jade Yarbrough met up with cricket player Michael Clarke at a park in Queensland. After she found out he was having an affair with another woman. Clarke was the captain of the team that won the World Cup. In a video that has gone viral online, Jade can heard yelling at Clarke and accusing him of having s#x in December 2022 with his ex-girlfriend Pip Edwards. The video shows what Jade says. The whole way through the video.

Clarke tells Jade that if she thinks her boyfriend has cheated on her, she should hurt him physically. There’s a chance that Jade will show up and hit him twice at some point. The whole thing happened in a public park, and people recorded it on video as it went from a verbal argument to a fight. The people who saw the war caught it as it went from an oral statement to a physical battle. Read More

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You want her to go to India with you, right? In the video clip, Yarbrough can heard yelling at Clarke. “I have been reading the messages. Pip, I want to spend the rest of my life with you more than anyone else. So, please come with me to India. The famous movie is a little blurry. But thanks to the sound, you can hear everything about the battle.

In a video, Michael Clark’s girlfriend Jade Yarbrough, can repeatedly seen slapping him in the face. Social media is getting a lot of attention. Jade Yarbrough, who was dating Michael Clarke, hit him and said he was having an affair with another woman.