WATCH: Rajkumar Kanda & Alisha Khadgi VIDEO Went Viral!

WATCH: Rajkumar Kanda & Alisha Khadgi VIDEO Went Viral!

WATCH: Rajkumar Kanda & Alisha Khadgi VIDEO Went Viral!

YouTubers and influencers online post vast or wide content while there are many content creators online, one creator who gets famous is the one who gets the audience’s attention. Similarly, many people go viral because of the negative limelight or maybe because of the attention they gained in a negative way. One such content creator online,

Rajkumar Thapa Gf Alisha Khadgi Kanda Video

Who is gaining massive audience attention because of the negative content is Alisha Khadgi is gaining massive audience attention because of her content online. Along with her own ore content creator as well is also going viral online, Stay tuned till teh end as we covered details of this online controversy. Alisha is going viral on the internet because she got involed

Alisha Khadgi Kanda Video Viral

And this got her in the limelight as well. Recently, she went for a bike ride, which was fine, but later a video of her was uploaded and a report s filed against her. Although earlier there was no issue regarding the video, later the video was getting hate and also getting the support of various viewers as well. Speaking about Alisha, is a content creator who along with another creator named

Rajkumar Thapa Magar creates content online. After the controversial video went viral all over the internet, the content creator along with Thapa asked about it online. Alisha is from Kathmandu and she is often asked about her culture, her ethnicity, and she uploads various views from her culture and her surroundings as well. Almost every vlog of her is surrounding her daily life and her routine.

Who Is Rajkumar Thapa Gf Alisha Khadgi Kanda?

She uploads her Vlogs on her YouTube channel. Earlier this week she uploaded a video of her riding a bicycle, which a report was filed against her, where it was mentioned that cycling in public places is prohibited. In such conditions, the audience was confused leading to a huge controversy. The creator, Alisha had to explain to people and apologize for what she did online. Metropolitan police reported her video

And she was asked to mention it as well. In the video, Alisha was seen riding a bicycle in the prohibited area of teh road, or where technically people walk. In one instance it was mentioned that Alisha was riding near public places where the chances of hurting people were higher, so the Kathmandu traffic police mentioned this on their FB and other socials like Twitter as well, where they received

Rajkumar Thapa Gf Alisha Khadgi Kanda Video Explained

Complaints regarding the creators riding bicycles. While along with this issue getting reported, Alisha’s friend who is also seen riding bicycles on his YouTube was taken away by the police after the complaint was filed. Earlier, Thapa posted a video where he was riding a bicycle and collided with men who were also riding, this created issue on teh road. On the other hand, the two, Alisha and Thapa also posted what actually happened

And they mentioned why they were arrested as well. While on the other hand, police prohibited riding bicycles in any of teh areas which can cause harm to the pedestrians or teh local pedestrians. It was mentioned by the police that Thapa should not violate the traffic rules in the name of blogging or recording, while they also warned him to follow the rules and rakes appropriate measures while they ride bicycles on the road. This was also requested by people who ride bicycles on road.

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