Watch paul murdaugh snapchat video leaked on twitter, alex murdaugh had no blood

paul murdaugh snapchat video leaked on twitter, alex murdaugh had no bloodpaul murdaugh snapchat video leaked on twitter, alex murdaugh had no blood

When the first South Carolina sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene of a brutal double homicide, Alex Murdo, the man who murdered his wife and son, said he knew the killer’s motive. Mr. Murdo, a prominent South Carolina attorney at the time, told his deputy, who had just disembarked the cruiser to examine the bloody crime scene, “It’s a long story.” “My son was shipwrecked a few months ago; the majority of the debris was innocuous, so we didn’t take it seriously,” he continued, adding, “I know it is.”

Mr. Murdaugh, whose first encounter with police was made public in court for the first time on Thursday, is currently on trial for the June 2021 murders of his wife Maggie and the younger of his two adult sons, Paul. Prosecutors played police camera footage from the crime scene and suggested in court that Mr. Murdo had tried to keep investigators off his trail as he explained the crime. Before the sheriff’s deputies arrived, he mentioned the boating accident in a previous 911 call.

In 2019, the son of Mr. Murdaugh was charged with driving a boat while intoxicated and crashing it into a bridge after a night of partying, killing a passenger.

Mr. Murdaugh insisted that he did not murder his wife and son, and his attorneys defended his assumptions as reasonable. They charged the police with focusing on Mr. Murdaugh rather than investigating other possibilities. Attorney General Clayton Waters asked Sergeant Daniel Green of the Colton County Sheriff’s Office to identify the 12-gauge shotgun Alex Murdo claimed to have grabbed after discovering the bodies of his wife and son. Pool Photo Credit Grace Beahm Alford took the photo.

Representatives from the Colton County Sheriff’s Office, who testified on Thursday, were questioned by the defence about whether they may have contaminated the crime scene and destroyed evidence that could have exonerated Mr. Murdo or helped him apprehend the perpetrators.


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