Watch in full, Georgina Njenga’s Twitter video Leaks

Watch in full, Georgina Njenga’s Twitter video LeaksWatch in full, Georgina Njenga’s Twitter video Leaks

Mex9ja.com.ng– Watch Full Georgina Njenga Twitter Leaks Video,The leak of the videos in question was reported via the Telegram messaging platform on January 4, 2023. It is currently unknown who is responsible for the leak.

Some sources said the person responsible for the leak may have been Georgina Njenga herself, while others pointed to a close friend of Njenga named Dan @dan45at on Instagram.

There is also speculation that the video may have been obtained by someone who had no intention of receiving it. The watermark of the video shows that it was recorded on April 4, 2020.

According to a popular blog, there is a screenshot which purportedly shows the relationship between Edgar Obare and the person who leaked the video.

Georgina Nzenga’s video was leaked

A video of Tyler Mbia’s ex-boyfriend and girlfriend Georgina Njenga was recently leaked on the Telegram messaging platform. The video went viral on the internet, leaving many in Kenya wondering who published it.

Njenga and Mbaya previously announced the end of their relationship on Instagram due to “irresolvable concerns”, but Njenga later clarified that the breakup was just a hoax in a truth or dare game with friends.

Screenshots from the video show Njenga dancing provocatively, only with tattoos on her thighs. Njenga and Mbaya are expecting their first child in 2022.However, the airing of thi video sparked controversy between the couple.

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