Watch Empanadas911 Leaked Video on TwitterWatch Empanadas911 Leaked Video on Twitter

This past Tuesday, Eduardo Dávalos De Luna (better known online as Babo) shared an intimate video on his OnlyF account, which demonstrated his rapid rise to fame. A leaked explicit video of the song “Think of Me” by Cartel de Santa’s singer has sparked a commotion on social media.

Social media users have expressed their opinions about the video and many of the memes that have been posted have focused on the rapper’s “large” p3ne. Following the publication of the footage of him, Babo responded on Instagram, where she shared and posted several jokes about him. He also considers all memes to be funny.

Eduardo Dávalos De Luna, the founder and lead singer of the rap group Cartel de Santa, is known by the moniker “Babo.” The artist was born in Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, on March 2, 1977, and has been developing his artistic career since 1996. Along with Román Rabia and Enrique López, Babo established the band Cartel de Santa. After the group’s debut, Dharius, also known as “Tirano-D,” joined the group.