Who is She?

Aline Tongkhuya is a model and former jockey. Aline is an Australian athlete who has become popular on Only F, Not just Aline. Aline’s fall harmed her back and spine. She earns from treating horses, but she also works on Only f.

Her Instagram has over 6.5k followers and 800 posts. She has 28k likes and 300 posts solely f. She regularly publishes on Twitter, Instagram, and only f, sharing exclusive content on only f and photographs or glances on Instagram and Twitter.

Aline Tongkhuya Video Viral

In a video, Aline said she made more money from Only F than expected. Aline said in her Christmas video that she earned money and that her views were higher than planned. She thanked her supporters for their help over the past few months. Her fans claim she’s a great person.

Her viral video sparked interest in her. People appreciated the woman in the green costume or revealing outfit in the video of her flying kiss. Earlier this year, she tweeted on social media that she intended to publish videos solely on f and that it’s a bet-and-bet situation for her.

Complete Detail About the Viral Video

Aline thanked her fans for their support and said the past few months were chaotic as she grew on the ad*lt site. Aline’s admirers were astonished when she stated she’d join Only F. She wished her Twitter fans a merry Christmas with a video.

Many online women selected this career because they wanted to earn more money, loved it, or couldn’t do anything else. This career is hugely developing, and people receive access to your ad*lt film. Aline is another online celebrity. She stopped her career after injuring her leg and joined their platform.