Rezky Aditya Video Viral On Twitter and Reddit, Full Video Controversy

Who is He?

On December 1 of the following year (2019), he married Citra Kirana. On August 28, 2020, both of them were thrilled to announce that they were expecting a son, Keene Attarrazaka Aditya.

He has produced several other films, including the allegedly first film he ever made, Falling in Love Again, which received a tonne of love and support. Continuing to talk about him will reveal that he graduated from AI Azhar Kemang Pratama High School.

Rezky Aditya Video Viral

After that, he decided to attend the local University to further his studies in industrial engineering. They both appear to be really fortunate and happy together. He recently became the subject of numerous controversies as his name began to surface in connection with a video circulated frequently.

Detailed Video About Rezky Aditya On Youtube

Complete Detail About the Viral Video

Now that the video has gained a lot of attention and everyone is paying attention to him, no additional details have been provided to us.

If you’re wondering what the video is about, it’s because he has been identified as Rezky Aditya. He can be seen in that particular film having s*xual encounters with unnamed women, which sparked a lot of controversies.

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