[M9 NEW ] VIRAL PHOTOS Two Men Drug And Rape 8-Year Old Girl To Coma In Rivers State

The two men pictured allegedly drugged and raped an 8-year-old girl to coma in Omoku, Rivers State. Read according to Facebook user, Progress Silk, who shared the photo.
“What kinda sinful generation are we living in? The devil is trying to make sure this generation will be the last, youths are Mad Men and Women, and why? Because of sin, crime, evil…

Imagine these two guys They both drugged and raped an 8years old baby to coma…
what else do we need to hear to understand that repentance is not by force? Amnesty or no amnesty,

we are living among demons, who can never truly repent, but use repentance as camouflage to do more evil..

But one thing is sure, “the soul that sin shall die”
. May God have mercy on us…”

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