The Best Affordable Life Insurance Of 2022

The Best Affordable Life Insurance Of 2022
The Best Affordable Life Insurance Of 2022

The Best Affordable Life Insurance Of 2022

The Best Affordable Life Insurance Of 2022> When it comes to getting the finest inexpensive house insurance, a little research is required. The ideal house insurance policy protects a homeowner’s financial interests while also providing a degree of service that makes conducting business simple. If the insurance firm also provides low-cost homes insurance, they’ve completed the trifecta. We sifted through homeowner’s plans and pricing to find the finest low-cost house insurance solutions for the year.

The Best Cheap Home Insurance in 2022
Travelers: Best for: green home discounts
Nationwide: Best for: policy upgrades at no additional cost
Erie: Best for: low, low rates
Allstate: Best for: generous discounts
Lemonade: Best for: online shoppers
Farmers: Best for: free perks
Progressive: Best for: bundling
Liberty Mutual: Best for: optional coverages

Bottom Line
Abraham Lincoln was in office when Travelers sold their first policy. In the 157 years since that time, the company has become one of the most trusted names in insurance. Better yet, Travelers has changed with the times, expanding its insurance offerings and coming up with innovative ways to offer home insurance discounts. For example, its green home discount offers 5% off the policies of homes that are LEED-certified “green.”

Full range of coverage options
Innovative discounts (including green home coverage)
Financial security
Competitive homeowners insurance rates in most states

Less-than-satisfactory customer service
Discounts vary by state
Discounts available
Multi-policy discount
Home buyer discount
Loss-free discount
Green home discount

Bottom Line
Nationwide offers benefits that would typically be add-ons — like credit card coverage — as part of its standard homeowners policy. The best cheap home insurance is not always the one with the rock-bottom price. It’s sometimes the policy with the most coverage at the lowest price. Free add-ons are an excellent place to start.


Offers ordinance coverage that allows for rebuilding to current building codes
Credit card coverage that pays for unauthorized transactions
Ample discount opportunities
Huge network of more than 26,000 agents

Below-average customer satisfaction ratings
Limited customer service hours for sales and service
Discounts available
Multi-policy discounts
Protective device discounts
Claims-free discount
Home renovation discount
Roof discount
Home purchase discount
Gated community discount

Bottom Line
When it comes to low rates, Erie is tough to beat. Small but mighty, Erie works solely with independent agents — more than 13,000 of them. The only fly in the ointment is that Erie is only available in 12 states on the East Coast.


AM Best rating of A+
J.D. Power customer satisfaction rating of 839 out of 1,000 — one of the highest ratings in the industry
Customizable policies
Upgraded basic insurance policy
Price bundling
Easy to achieve discounts
Some of the lowest homeowners insurance rates in the industry

Not available in most states
Not as tech-savvy as some insurers
Discounts available

Multi-policy discount
Advanced quote discount

Bottom Line
Allstate not only offers some of the most generous discounts in the industry, but it features an extensive network of agents and a strong J.D. Power customer satisfaction rating.


Customizable coverage options
Many discounts available
High customer satisfaction
Large Allstate agent network

Premiums can be costlier than some competitors
Discounts available
Multi-policy discount
Responsible pay discount
Claims-free discount
Welcome/loyalty discount of 10%
New home buyer discount
Automatic payment discount
Protective device discount
Early signing discount

Bottom Line
Lemonade is a top destination for customers looking for cheap home insurance, with premiums starting as low as $25 per month. The company makes shopping for insurance easy by offering an all-online application process and instant answers.


Unused premiums are donated to charity
Many claims are paid instantly
Easy online application process

Coverage isn’t available in all states
There are limited options for bundling coverage
No in-person support
Discounts available
Protective device discount
Bundling discount
Annual-pay discount

Bottom Line
Most insurance companies offer a policy perk or two. For example, free claims forgiveness is available to Farmers customers who have not filed a homeowners insurance claim in five years. While free claims forgiveness is somewhat common among auto insurance carriers, it rarely applies to a homeowners policy.


Unique money-saving opportunities
Eco-rebuild coverage
Wide variety of home insurance discounts

Average customer satisfaction ratings
Can’t buy your policy online
Discounts available
Multiline discount
ePolicy discount
UL-approved roofing materials discount
New home discount
Protective devices discount
Home safety discount
Green certifications discount
Claims free discount
Connected home discount
Rent-to-own discount
Preferred payment discount
Good payer discount


Bottom Line
While Progressive does not underwrite homeowners coverage, it does offer it through affiliated third parties. Progressive customers with auto insurance in place can save on home insurance premiums by bundling their services when they purchase a homeowners policy through one of Progressive’s affiliates.


Multi-policy discounts for Progressive customers
Multiple affiliate partners can result in lower premiums
Large network of more than 35,000 agents

Progressive does not underwrite policies
Inconsistent reputation for claims handling
Discounts available
Bundled home and car insurance discounts
Safety and alarm discounts
Quote in advance discount
New purchase discount
Email documents discount
New home construction discount
Pay-in-full discount

Liberty Mutual
Bottom Line
Liberty Mutual has been in business for 109 years and is one of the most respected names in the industry. As the fourth-largest homeowners insurer in the U.S., the company is known for two things: an AM Best rating of A, indicating substantial financial resources, and its strong philanthropic efforts, including helping the homeless, promoting accessibility for people with disabilities, and supporting education in underserved communities.


One of the least expensive providers in our ratings
Multiple discounts, including 10% of purchasing online (in most states)
Optional coverage for water back-up

An above-average number of customer complaints
Dog breed restrictions
Discounts available
Multi-policy discount
Claims-free discount
Protective devices discount
Newly purchased home discount
Safe homeowner program discount
Early shopper discount
Insured-to-Value discount
New/renovated home discount
Preferred payment discount
Military discount
New roof discount
Paperless policy discount

How is the cost of home insurance determined?
On average, U.S. homeowners pay around $1,200 annually for coverage. Full coverage rates can increase at renewal time, although it’s not a given. If it does happen, it’s likely due to an increase in the price of rebuilding.

Let’s say a home is covered for full replacement. That means if it’s destroyed, the insurance company will pay to rebuild it, regardless of how much it cost (minus the homeowner’s deductible). If the price of materials and labor increase, that increase will be reflected in a more expensive premium.

If a homeowner remodels their home or makes improvements, the house instantly becomes more expensive to rebuild. That is also likely to result in an increased premium.

Here are some of the other factors that go into determining annual premiums:

Cost to have home rebuilt (replacement cost)
Value of personal property
Level of coverage
Coverage limit chosen
Home insurance deductibles
Age of home
Style of home
Materials used in construction
Custom features
One thing to keep in mind about homeowners insurance is that it can be customized to fit a homeowner’s needs and budget. For example, a homeowner looking to save money may decide to skip add-ons like flood insurance or earthquake coverage (depending on where they live and the wisdom of the decision). Another may opt for a higher-than-average deductible to keep premium costs down.

How can I keep the cost down of my homeowners insurance policy?
Shop around. Request an insurance quote from a minimum of three companies. While every insurance provider may look alike at first glance, they each possess unique characteristics. For example, one may cost less simply because it spends less on advertising.
Opt for a higher deductible. The deductible — the amount the homeowner must pay toward a loss — plays a role in the overall cost of a home insurance policy. In a nutshell, the higher the deductible, the lower the premium cost. Anyone who chooses a high deductible should make sure they have enough put away in an emergency savings account to cover their full deductible if they need to make a claim.
Bundle policies. It can pay to have insurance policies from the same company. For example, a homeowner can save by bundling auto, home, and life insurance.
Install security devices. Anything security-related — from smoke detectors to dead-bolt locks — can impact the cost of homeowners insurance.
Add safety features. For example, if a homeowner lives in an area prone to hurricanes, installing shatterproof glass or reinforcing their roof can bring down the cost of their insurance premiums.
What are typical home insurance discounts to look for?
Each company offers its own list of discounts. Here are some of the most common:

Multi-policy discount
Safety feature discount
New home discount
Autopay discount
Loss-free discount
Pay-in-full discount
Protective device discount
Green Home discount
Paperless policy discount
Affiliation discount (tied to specific trades, professional organizations, and universities)
What other factors should I consider besides price when selecting home insurance?
Look for a company that provides the type of service preferred. What’s essential to one homeowner may not be at all important to another. For example, some may prefer to purchase and manage their homeowners policy online without dealing with a real person. Another may want human contact and enjoy the option of being able to pop into their insurance agent’s office.
Check customer service ratings. We include customer service information in our insurance reviews because customer service is vital in the event of a loss. Say one homeowner purchased a policy online in the middle of the night without ever speaking to a company representative. Another sat across a desk from an insurance agent to buy a policy. In either case, it’s important to know what kind of service they can expect to receive if their home burns to the ground or the roof blows off during a severe thunderstorm.
Don’t only consider the cost. It is feasible to get low-cost homeowners insurance while maintaining the appropriate degree of protection. The sweet spot is when a policy offers a lot of coverage at a reasonable price. Let’s suppose Company A sells a yearly insurance for $900 that simply covers the basics. Company B gives a $1,200 quote but provides more extensive coverage. Even though it costs a little more up front, having a higher level of coverage will almost always save the homeowner money in the event of a loss.
Before receiving the first home insurance quotation, consider what’s essential to you. This is one of the simplest methods to compare rates when browsing for a homeowners insurance policy. A homeowner, for example, could desire a policy that covers the basics of homeowners insurance, such as dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, and personal liability. Alternatively, they may be looking for the lowest home insurance for a property with accessories such as a swimming pool or trampoline.

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