Leaked Original Video Ms Pacman face split Twitter videoLeaked Original Video Ms Pacman face split Twitter video

On the night of Monday October 29, 2018, in the village of La Isla del Norte in San Miguel, Chizac, located 45 minutes from the municipal seat of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, a series of strange sounds attracted the attention of a group of people . Close. from the region.

When she approached the source of the apparent moans, she was horrified to find her neighbor Alejandra Ico Chub maimed, her face split in two, but still alive.

The house is full of blood. Alejandra lay on her bed moaning in pain, her arms severed and her face split in two, the top of her head almost completely cut off.

The person responsible for this horrible crime was his partner who cut his hands and cut his face with a machete. In his last efforts to survive, he complained of pain. He moved his legs and tried to say something with his head and eyes. All of this was captured in several videos shot by Alejandra’s neighbors that went viral on social media. In it, a woman can be heard crying bitterly upon seeing the victim.

MS PACMAN, El brutal crimen a Alejandra Ico Chub

Leaked Original Video Ms Pacman face split Twitter videoDue to the location, the help of lifeguards was almost impossible. According to neighbors, Alejandra was in pain for more than 30 minutes and no one could help her until she finally died. The culprit had escaped for almost four days. However, he was arrested next Thursday in the village of Las Mnecas in Excán, Quiche while trying to flee to Mexico.

With a cold voice and without any remorse, Mario Tut Ekal confesses to the crime and tries to justify it by accusing Alejandra of infidelity. According to the man, his partner had insinuated that he was going to his sister’s house to watch TV, but he reportedly saw him get off a truck. He said, “I was angry.”

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She also accused Alejandra of claiming that she was jealous of a neighbor who had to constantly inject herself, and that jealousy had blinded her. After his arrest, Tut Ekal was brought to justice and initiated legal proceedings for the murder of the woman.

Leaked Original Video Ms Pacman face split Twitter video

MS PACMAN The original video is at  https://fikroh.com/. Penalties under the Prevention of Femicide and Other Forms of Violence Against Women Act range from 25 to 50 years for this crime and there is no alternative procedure. For obvious reasons, MS Pacman stems from the brutal wound Alejandra received in the face.