jessica49 leaked onlyfans on twitter and reddit, viral gym video

jessica49 leaked onlyfans on twitter and reddit, viral gym videojessica49 leaked onlyfans on twitter and reddit, viral gym video

In late January, a video from Jessica49’s Twitch stream of the influencer working out in the gym went viral. During her workout, Jessica criticised a man standing behind her, accusing him of “sexualizing” her after he attempted to assist her in adding a plate to the barbell she was using for hip thrusts.

Her video went viral after she received a call from fitness influencer Joey Swoll, who took issue with Jessica’s characterization of the man as a “stupid piece of shite” and suggested he was merely attempting to assist her with the deadlift bar. Swoll states, “Any experienced lifter knows it’s difficult to perform a plank with a barbell on the floor.” He approaches you as an experienced lifter and attempts to assist you because that is what good people do.

This harassment of women at the gym must end, but you are not one of those women. A friendly gesture or glance does not render someone a victim. Jessica issued a statement to Twitlonger days after the video went viral, apologising to the man and everyone she offended with her comments during the livestream and calling the incident a “serious error.”

She wrote, “I sincerely apologise to the gym member who started all of this.” “He did not cause me any harm, and I overstated our interaction.”

“After reading thousands of comments about me, the situation, and the man, I realised how much harm this could cause,” she continued. “Men and women interact with the opposite sex in vastly different ways, and to be placed in this situation after observing it through the lens of an innocent man is to be confronted with these differences.” “Sincerely, it gives me an upset stomach.”

Jessica continued by stating that she was “extremely immature” for treating viewers in this manner and that she hoped she would “never hurt anyone in this manner again.” The influencer added that she would remove the video from all of her social media accounts but that her apology on Twitter “doesn’t help.”

Joey Swoll has not yet responded to Jessica’s statement, but we will let you know on Dexerto as soon as he does.


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