Microsoft Improves Widgets In Windows 11

Microsoft Improves Widgets In Windows 11
Microsoft Improves Widgets In Windows 11

Microsoft has today launched a new initiative aimed at making it simpler to find new widgets for the Widget tool in Windows 11.

More precisely, Microsoft is redesigning the Widgets UI to seem like a feed, bringing together both your current widgets and proposed ones.

In other words, you should be able to locate new widgets that are more handy for you, and Microsoft claims it is aiming to make this experience as customized as possible.

“We’re experimenting with combining the widgets and news feed experiences as a dynamic blended feed featuring both widgets and news information in Widgets to offer more dynamic material to your Widgets board.” This should make it simpler for you to find new widgets and news material in your feed and interact with it. “With a dynamic feed, you’ll have less of a responsibility curating the canvas on your own,” Microsoft writes, “but you’ll still be able to pin your favorite Widgets to the top if you wish.”

It’s worth noting that the existing widget settings will remain same, therefore Windows 11 will just display the suggestions in a feed-based UI at the bottom of our present setup.

The new concept, which aims to make it simpler to find new widgets, is now only accessible to a small number of Windows Insider program participants.

Microsoft said it does want to increase its availability, but it will take some time since the firm wants to gather more user input first. If you’re currently using Windows 11 preview releases, there’s no word on when more people will be able to get their hands on the better widget experience.


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