I feel like he is a liar – Erica blasts Laycon

Laycon is a liar - Erica

Erica blast Laycon call him a liar

Big Brother ‘lockdown’ housemate, Erica has opened up to biggie on how she felt when Ebuka disclosed that Laycon went round telling people that she tried to kiss him.Laycon is a liar - Erica

Erica said she was shocked at that statement and was very disappointed that Laycon would assume such.

Erica Blast laycon

She replied ;

I feel like he is a liar and he just said that to feel relevant.

If he’s not lying he should tell me the time i tried to kiss him. Laycon is not the type of guy i would look at and try to kiss. If it even happen, he should know that it was out of alcohol, he knows that i can never do it with a clear mind. I hate liars.

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