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How to Start Making Money With Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria (2022)

How to Start Making Money With Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria (2022)

How to Start Making Money With Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria (2021)

In my recent post, I mentioned that Affiliate Marketing is a sure online businesses to make money anywhere in Nigeria at the comfort of your home without investing much capital.

Although, there are many ways to make money online in Nigeria today but affiliate marketing is a faster and sure-fire way earn legit money quickly in Nigeria.

This is the reason I’ll be dropping insights as to how you can start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria. But before I move on, let me quickly introduce you to what affiliate marketing is all about.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of strategic business based on performance where you are paid a specific percentage for each visitor or customer brought to a business.

Do not confuse this for referral marketing, affiliate marketing is based on the motivation to make money but referrals has to do with trust from the customer.

Because of its low profile in comparison to search engines, emails and site syndication, advertisers often overlook affiliate marketing in Nigeria, but it plays a very important role in e-commerce today.

In today’s world of e-commerce, companies prefer the use of affiliates to advertise their products because they pay no fee for adverts unless a purchase is made.

How does Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria work?

Let’s say you’re an affiliate marketer with Jumia (we’ll talk about the best affiliate marketing program in subsequent posts). You wish to market a product and get paid, the process is pretty much easy.

After getting your affiliate account you’d be given an affiliate link for recognition purposes. With this in place, anyone who buys any product using your link earns you a commission.

The commission you get is dependent on the popularity of the product, the more popular a product is the lower the commission, and if the product is less popular, the commission would be higher.

The percentage of the commission of the various products provided by the merchant is usually specified. So if you want to earn more you should go for products with high commission rate.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, we have;

  • Pay per click: Which you gain commission for each visitor or customer that visits the site through your affiliate link.
  • Pay per sale: In this form, you are paid for each item purchased using your affiliate link.
  • Pay per lead: You get paid when a visitor using your affiliate link visits a site and fills up the contact form. This is like pay per click in which the customer don’t need to purchase anything.
  • Benefits of Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

    • About 95% of affiliate marketing programs are free to join
    • No loss or any shortage
    • Portability! You can work from any location
    • Little to no experience in marketing is required

    Having that in mind, let go to how you can really make money with affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria

    Step by Step Guide to Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

    If you want to start this form of marketing in Nigeria, follow the steps below;

    1. Pick a specific Niche

    Before getting into affiliate marketing you have to define your niche.

    Your niche should be an area in which you’re well versed. It makes it easier to market products you have good knowledge of.

    Choosing a specific area to focus on will make you target a specified audience which will increase your conversions, instead of promoting to wide public.

    Some niches have their sub-niche which you can also choose from. In fashion, we may have sub-niches like make-ups, skin care etc. You can choose to focus on sub-niches also.

    Why is picking a niche important?

    It’s pretty much easier to market a product to specific group, this is because your audience is interested in your products, and this will be much easier for them to patronize you since they’ve got interest in what you’re marketing.

    This is the most important step to carry out before starting an affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

    2. Create a Blog or Social Media Account

    This is one of the steps to take when you wish to start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria.

    The reason for owning a blog or social media account is that, it’s the easiest way to advertise your products as an affiliate marketer.

    How is this possible?

    As a blog owner, you have the ability to post banners and links to your products, whenever someone visits your site, the person may see your banners, if interested, they make the purchase and you earn your commission, and that’s very convenient.

    The same applies to social media users but in this case, website or blog are more advisable.

    Getting any of these is pretty easy this days, this is why I’m advising you to own a blog or social media account before moving to the next step.

    3. Register for an Affiliate Program

    With the two points mentioned above, you can now register for an affiliate program and start making money.

    There are numerous platforms which you can join when starting an affiliate in Nigeria.

    But before you join any affiliate program you have to consider some things which should convince you that such affiliate program is legit and high paying.

    The essence to run away from being scammed by hungry Ad networks or income program owners in Nigeria.

    What to Consider Before Starting Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

    • The Company’s Reputation – The reputable nature of the company will make it easier to get customers to buy. Is their payment option as prompt as possible.

    You can find out about a company’s reputation by asking those who’ve used them, reviews and personal research.

    • Payments Options – What is the minimum withdrawal balance? How fast is their payments? What’s the commission percentage?

    You should know all these. The commission percentage for various products, you should know this because the higher the percentage, the higher you earn.

    The minimum withdrawal balance should be okay with you, most companies offer a minimum of N5000, some offer lesser amounts, whichever suits you, the choice is yours to make.

    Remember that PayPal payment gateway isn’t reliable but most affiliate programs make sure of it.

    • Available Promotion Options – As said earlier, social media account, a blog or website simplifies the processes you can make sale out of affiliate marketing business.

    You objective when trying to start an affiliate marketing business in Nigeria is to check if these options are available. Some may offer all, others will give you fewer options.

    Some companies will prefer online while some may be against it.

    • Sales Support – In a situation where a customer complains about a product, or delay in delivery, who do you as an affiliate marketer turn to?

    Sale support! As an aspiring affiliate marketer in Nigeria you need to check if this is supported by the company you choose to work with.

    After taking these things into consideration and you’re convince enough to start, don’t hesitate again.

    As a tip, the following should be supported; ability to use social media account or blogs for marketing, ability to market online since the world is a global village.

    With this in place, you can begin making money as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

    4. Start Promoting!

    After achieving all the above, it’s high time you start promoting, you can do with either your social media account, blog, website or whatever means is provided in the contract agreement.

    Here are few ways you can promote your affiliate links or products in Nigeria and anywhere you may be:

    • Blogging: This is super method to promote your affiliate links or products as mentioned earlier. Write reviews about the affiliate products and optimize it for SEO, for them to rank higher on search engine.
    • Social Media Marketing: You can share the link to your affiliate products directly on facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

    But I recommend Facebook and Instagram. In fact, Instagram is a very sure way to make money online through affiliate marketing.

    • Email Marketing: You can as well get active Email addresses related to the products you’re affiliated with.
    • The main option here is to create high attracting title for the Email’s subject, attracting body of content and a good CTA for the recipient to patronize the products you’re promoting.
      • Recommendation: Apart from these methods of promotion aligned above, you can recommend the products to your friends, family and anybody who might be interested.

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