Collier Gwin Video Showing Spilling Water On Homeless Woman Viral On Social Media!

Collier Gwin Video Showing Spilling Water On Homeless Woman Viral On Social Media!

Among the many viral videos that are trending online, one video that is also making headlines is a video from San Francisco where an old man was seen spraying water on a homeless woman where completely the woman was in shock. This inhuman act was shared online by a shopkeeper who was standing right opposite the old man’s shop.
Who Is Collier Gwin?

The video gained popularity over social media in no time, in the meanwhile this video got viral on TikTok and other social media platforms as well. This video is getting comments of hatred for the old man who sprayed water on the homeless woman. Let us find out more about this guy. Collier Gwin is the name of the person who was seen spraying water on the homeless woman while he was seen standing casually while doing such an inhuman act.

After teh video was posted on the TikTok account of the opposite shop, it later was also shared on the Twitter page of the shopkeeper where people criticized the old man for spraying water in such a manner less way. While the old was getting asked for as people were annoyed by his behaviour. The woman was actually sitting in front of the antique shop of the old man/ collier who wanted the homeless woman to move away. He first sprayed the water and then asks the woman to leave.

Collier Gwin Video Showing Spilling Water On Homeless Woman

Collier owns an art gallery in San Francisco while he was seen leaning on the railing of the shop and hosing down the water on the woman. While the poor homeless woman was seen screaming and asking to stop. At last, Collier stops hosing the water at the woman and he then asks her to leave by action. The video was shared on TikTok by an account named San Francisco Bakery Briche SF, and this video was shared on this Monday the 9th of January 2023.

While later it was also uploaded on Twitter as well. Collier’s actions were inhuman for sure and it made many netizens think about how cruel the owner is. After finding the address of the shop and asking the old man/ collier about his behaviour, it came out through local media that he admitted his actions against the homeless woman. Collier at first denied doing so, but later he admitted his actions and said that what he did was wrong he also added making excuses and said that he wanted to report to the police but they did not respond quickly.

Collier Gwin Viral Video

Collier also mentions that even if he would report the homeless people, the officers will take them away while these people spend two days in jail, two days in a homeless shelter and they will be back to the grind. These actions of Collier were defended by saying that as those people get back he took the matter into his own hand and tried to scare off the women. Speaking of the woman, it is unclear where the woman is as of now, but Collier has been warned not to do such things.

While this video created havoc online, there were many hateful comments, and people called out collier for being mean. One of the Twitter users commented, let me know the address of this man, he needs some lessons, while another commented saying that Collier should be sued for doing such an act publicly.