Cash Awoof – Make Money Online in Nigeria Without Spending A Dime

Cash Awoof – Make Money Online in Nigeria Without Spending A Dime

Do you think you can make money online in Nigeria without spending or investing any bucks?
Well, you can! Not all business or ‘make money online in Nigeria’ scheme required a lot of investment.
Their is an ongoing income program in Nigeria where it’s possible to earn you about ₦40,000 (40,000 naira) in a month without much stress or investing all your hard-earned money.
This program is different from some ‘make money online in Nigeria’ scheme that promises you fortune but takes away your little expecting cash on the so-called income platforms.
A new beginning and sure platform is here where you can possibly make ₦40,000 or more in a month without spending a dime. Yes, you can make money online in Nigeria while spending few of your time only.
So, what is this Cash Awoof?
It’s called “CashAwoof“. Cash Awoof is ‘Pay to Participate’ program where your are paid for registering on the platform as a member and engaging daily with the website through your registered account.
You are not just paid for registering but also by doing activities like, login daily, reading news, connect with friends, watching video skits, commenting on the website contents, referring and registering your friends, taking quiz tests and many more activities awaiting you.
Cash Awoof unlike other income programs where you can make money in Nigeria, doesn’t required you to pay any membership fee of ₦1600 or more but, you join Cash Awoof for free and you get ₦1000 as sign up bonus upon your registration.

But, how can you make ₦40,000 or more with Cash Awoof?

Here is the breakdown of how you can earn such amount on Cash Awoof within any investment.
• Sign up bonus ==> ₦1000
• Daily login ==> ₦50 (making ₦1500 in a month)
• Referral ==> ₦100 (₦1000 if you have 10 referrals per day and that’s ₦30,000 in a month)
• Reading news ==> ₦1 (limited to 50 news per day and that’s ₦1500 in a month)
Reading news ==> ₦1 (limited to 50 news per day and that’s ₦1500 in a month)
• Commenting on news ==> ₦2 (if you comments 50 times daily, that’s ₦3000 in a month).
• For friends connection on the website ==> ₦1 (If you can send to 100 per day, that’s ₦3000 in a month)
• For watching videos ==> ₦2 to ₦10 (if you watch 20 videos at ₦3 on average, that’s ₦1800 in a month)

Now, how does CashAwoof Nigeria earns you ₦40,000 in a month?

Let do the grand total of the breakdown above.

That’s ==> ₦1000 + ₦1500 + ₦30000 + ₦1500 + ₦3000 + ₦3000 + ₦1800 = ₦41800

That means you can possibly make up to ₦42,000 on Cash Awoof right? But in case if you are not online in a day or so, let approximate it to ₦40,000. Don’t you think this is another way for you to make money in Nigeria without any stress?

But wait,

You may be thinking that how are we going to be making money without paying a dime like other platforms. Here is how CashAwoof make their money:

Cash Awoof make their money from your presence and engagement with the website. It’s a way to appreciate you for time spent daily and how earnest you are to make money in Nigeria.
And most of all reason, Cash Awoof shares with its members from the profit they are from Sponsored Posts or Campaigns on their platform.
You can make money in Nigeria without spending a dime but by just doing what you love doing always like connecting and chatting  with friends, watching comedy skits or highlights, reading news and many more.

How to Get Paid on CashAwoof

After your registration, go to your profile and add your bank account details. After that, start participating and engaging with activities on the website as we have discussed earlier and stand chances of making money online in Nigeria without paying a dime.
The minimum withdrawal is ₦20,000 per month and you are going to be alerted by the end of the following month.

Is Cash Awoof Legit or Scam?

According to the business model and what we have break down above, you should know and trust that this is not a scam!
Just join today and experience it yourself. Remember, you are not asked to pay a certain fee and no admin will ask for such as long as the business model is adhere to.
That’s how you can make ₦40000 monthly in Nigeria without paying a dime.
In case you have any questions relating to this, kindly contact the Admin on WhatsApp: +971521626170 or mail him: pr(at) You can also use the live chat feature available for members in the website.
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I (Iliya Agwom, owner of this blog), is not assuring or discouraging you about this platform. I strongly believe that to make money online in Nigeria, you need to sacrifice something and among those thing is ‘taking risks’.
As long as Cash Awoof business model does not required you to pay a dime, you can try it out and it works, that means you are lucky to be part of such program that requires no investment but buy just doing what you love doing.
So, that’s what I have to say about this income program. But I’ll be glad if you can let me know your view about this make money online scheme by using the comment box below and if you found this helpful, kindly share it with your friends on social media.
Thanks for your understanding.

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