50 Cent Shades France After Winning The FIFA World CUP With Self-Promotion In Broken French

This weekend revolved around soccer for those whose interests aren’t loyal to tennis. Now that the FIFA World Cup winner has been announced, many are in celebration mode. 50 Cent wants people to get lit for the occasion with his brand of champagne. His shameless self-promotion came in the form of an Instagram post with a caption written in French (kinda): “Le chemin des rois ! Prendre la Coupe du monde domicile en France et célébrer à boire le Champagne de rois !! get the strap.” This would roughly translate to: Take the World Cup residence in France and celebrate to drink Le Champagne de rois.” Anyone who is fluent in French would know what he means but would most likely pick up on the mistakes. Still, the effort is legit.

Now, let’s stretch before this reach: in the context of many attributing France’s win to the African diaspora, 50’s advertisement seems to post up for his Black brethren. The image’s semiotics can be interpreted as an homage to Black “kings,” as it features the dark chess piece in prominence. His other adverts include golden pieces to contrast the king as opposed to the ivory pawn featured in this particular post. Perhaps the rapper is entering a phase of more subtle shade with this one, while silently pointing out the fact that most of France’s players are not natives to the country. The post has since been deleted…

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